Sunday, May 4, 2008

Low Sugar Attack/ Hypoglycemia

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  1. that's so funny. I also went off the chocolate wagon today, after keeping on it for 2 weeks. My wife (yes, I blame her!) brought out some Harrods truffle chocolates. I ate four of them, then went out to the Family Mart to buy a big box of nut chocolates, which I ate. I feel so bad now. Like you say, it's a chronic condition, sometimes in remission. Very true.

  2. Hi,
    I eat a well rounded breakfast - oatmeal with almonds, juice or a toasted english muffin, tomato & cheese and juice. Then I go to the gym. During the workout, I crash, white face, dizzy, disoriented and have to completely stop it's so bad. I stopped having fresh apple/orange juice home made in the morning which helped. Now it's just the orange juice doing this. I only have the problem in the morning. What other juices can I have? What else can I do to level this out?

  3. Anonymous, yes, remission does happen- sometimes we deny and over deprive ourselves. So I've learned to be moderate and eat a small piece so that I don't get 'chocolates attack'.
    Sweet, your breakfast combination looks ok. Just that if you have juice in the morning on empty stomach, it may trigger hypoglycemia. But if eaten with combination of fiber, it should not be. Still, it's better to stick to the real orange than the processed juice.